Want more traffic and more sales for your online store? Of course you do. That’s why we put together 14 marketing tactics to increase conversions – for you to put into action today.

If you’re wondering whether you’re doing the most you can to get as many visitors to your store as possible, then this is the post for you. The tactics we’ve put together range from triggering a special discount just as a customer is about to exit from your store, to creating emails for customers who have placed items in their shopping carts but failed to complete the purchase.

So here’s a fun idea: Implement one of these tactics every single day over the next two weeks. And on the last day of this two-week sprint, evaluate, take stock, and figure out what worked best for you.

Get ready to get new visitors, get more out of current visitors, and get back lost visitors today.

1. Up-sell Your Products

“May I interest you in this upgrade?”

Most of us have heard some form of that question. It’s an example of up-selling, or the effort of merchants to sell you a slightly more expensive product when you consider a product.

And guess what? It works. According to E consultancy, up-selling is 20 times more effective than cross-selling online. Sometimes your customers don’t know that a better product is available, or they may be convinced that a different product may be a better fit for their needs.

Are one of your products made of slightly better leather? Or carry a special component that’s handmade? Make sure to emphasize the difference, and ask if the customer might be convinced to make an upgrade.

There are two keys to up-selling: 1) Making your up-sells related to the original product, and 2) Being sensitive to the price range of your customers. Just keep in mind that your product has to fit the original needs of your customer, and that they may not be very enthusiastic about a higher product price once they have an anchor price in mind. The new product must really be better than the original.

2. Leverage Instagram

The average order value from Instagram marketing is $65.00. That’s higher than from any other social media platform except for Polyvore ($66.75).

In addition, a recent study has found that Instagram gives brands 25% more engagement than any other social media platform.

If you use the right hashtags, appropriate filters, and post at the right times, then you’re well on your way to building a big following on Instagram. The key to mastering Instagram marketing is engagement with your users.

What are some ways to engage with your audience? You may try out running campaigns or contests, going behind the scenes for your products, and most importantly, showing pictures of your customers using your products. These are called user-generated photos, and they’re an excellent way to demonstrate that to potential customers that you have happy current customers.

User-generated photos are a great way to generate social proof. Prospective customers see that your products are regularly being purchased people just like them, and feel more comfortable doing something that others are doing.
So keep building your Instagram following and engage more with them.

3. Reduce Abandoned Carts

You’re losing money by missing out on potential orders. But don’t take it personally. Every online store is missing out on potential orders.

The phenomenon is a well-studied one: Customers add items to their carts but abandon their carts during checkout. According to the Baymard Institute, 67.45% of shopping carts are abandoned before they’re completed. Think about that for a minute. Your sales are one-third of what they may potentially be.

It’s worth the effort to resolve as many hesitations as you can, because a significant percentage of those who abandoned their carts may yet be convinced to complete their purchase. Perhaps they can be persuaded with a discount, or the offer of free shipping, or maybe they never even meant to exit from their cart in the first place because their computer crashed.

One simple and effective way to reduce the incidence of abandoned carts? An email recovery campaign to convince your customers to complete their purchase.

4. Make It Easy For Your Customers to Get What They Want

If your store is badly designed then you’re losing customers.

What exactly does it mean for your store to be badly designed? Besides looking untrustworthy, your store could be suffering from some combination of the following: lacking a clear value proposition, not writing good product descriptions, and difficult navigation.

And even when you’ve improved every dimension above, you could still be committing some ecommerce design mistakes. Are you properly segmenting your products or are you putting too many products on a page? Have you figured out the right balance between text and visuals? These are all things that you should consider.

5. Generate More Product Reviews:

According to the online magazine Internet Retailer, you can increase your ecommerce conversion rate by 14-76% by adding product reviews to your online store.

Why? For two reasons:

First, social proof: Product reviews are a form of testimonials. You see immediately what people are saying about a product that you’re considering purchasing.

Second, SEO: Having product reviews increases the amount of content on a page and also increases the probability that you hit a few long tail keywords.

For both these reasons, adding product reviews increase sales.

6. Improve Your Ad Spending

Are you experimental in your ad spending? You should be regularly trying out slight variations on your bids for keywords to find a good niche.

One of the best ways to attract qualified visitors is by using Google AdWords to get your store to show up in Google when people search for your keywords.

After advertising on Google, try out advertising Facebook. Consider that Robert Nava of National Parks Depot spent $60 and got nearly $1000 in sales on the very first day. We’re not saying that his success is easily replicated, but Facebook advertising is not something that you should ignore.

Play around and see what kind of ads work for you.

7. Engage With Your Visitors

It’s not just asking your visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter. There are other ways to engage with them on your storefront.

For example, you could direct your visitors to your social media profiles. Do you have a gorgeous Instagram feed? Are you actively managing your Facebook page? Make these “follow” buttons more prominent on your homepage.

Feature your blog more actively. Every ecommerce store should be blogging regularly, to connect with fans and to rank better for SEO.

And also, why not try offering promotions on your products? Everybody loves a special sale.

What’s one way to do all of these more effectively? Try using an on-site pop-up to capture emails, link to your social media profiles, or promoting a product.

8. Do Market Research and Anticipate Future Sales

If you have the ability to expand your product line or add new products, then you should evaluate market demand and see if it’s worth the costs.

You can do that by keyword research, geographic validation, and looking at social media trends.

One more creative way to test out your market?

Pre-selling items, or listing them as out of stock, and see how many people place sales.

That’s right, if you’re considering selling one out of three items, create pages for all of them (with good photography and appropriate text), and place them up on your store. Then list them as “out of stock” and see simply which ones get the most attention in terms of orders placed and requests to be notified when you restock. That’s the one to sell.

9. Feature a Strong Call-To-Action

Call-to-Actions (CTAs) are a powerful tactic yet they’re often overlooked. Theres nothing quite so simple and effective than pointing out the next logical step in a users journey towards conversion. The effect of adding CTAs in the right places really can make all the difference in generating leads.

A call-to-action can be any wording or graphic that provides an obvious link to the next clear action. This can be to highlight a sale or promo, or even just to subscribe to your newsletter. Regardless, a CTA should be obvious and simple, with one clear action you want your visitors to take.

10. Run a Contest

A great contest can not only increase engagement from your current subscribers and customers, but it can also effectively help you reach new customers. In fact, BeardBrand was able to grow their social presence by 300% and doubled their email list in less than one week with a well thought out online contest.

11. Encourage Referrals

Referral marketing, simply put, is word-of-mouth marketing from your customers and it’s one of the most powerful and influential forms of marketing there is. In fact, according to Nielsen, 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family, over all other forms of marketing and 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family.

12. Introduce Live Chat

Studies suggest that 21% of online shoppers prefer live chat over other communication methods, like phone and social media, and of that 21%, 79% said they liked it because they could get answers to their questions immediately. That’s important because in the world of ecommerce, answering customers questions and handling objections before they leave your site, significantly increases your chances of making a sale.

13. Write Great Product Descriptions

Writing great product descriptions is an art. Not only is it an art, but it’s extremely important for ecommerce businesses to have unique and compelling product descriptions not only to help sell the product, but product descriptions also help your search engine optimization. Unfortunately, most people tend to neglect this aspect of their store, opting to just write a few lines or even copying and pasting manufacturer descriptions.

14. Think Outside the Box

Come up with your own tactic, and share it below in the comments. It can be big or small.

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