Not all superheroes wear capes. Some wear the title of ‘Stay at Home Mom’ or SAHM proudly, which is one of the toughest jobs on the planet. If you’re a SAHM who is contemplating a leap into owning a small business, you already have the grit and determination required. You just need a few tips and tricks to help you get started, like the ones below from the marketing professionals at TMV Social.

You May Need to Set Up an LLC

Plenty of mompreneurs know they need a business plan, but only a few understand the benefits of having an LLC set up. LLC stands for ‘limited liability company’ and choosing this entity for your home-based business can come with some major perks and protections. According to, these are some of the benefits you can expect from an LLC:

More credibility and leverage when attempting to secure funders or investors.

Legal protection and clear separation of personal assets from business assets.

Quick and efficient setup and filing process when using a formation service.

In addition to these perks, you may also be able to take advantage of other programs and incentives at the state level. This is why you should check in with your state’s business

department to confirm LLC requirements, rules, and benefits for small businesses.

You May Also Need Marketing Help

Wondering how to draw in those first customers? TMV Social’s library of online resources includes tips on social media marketing, local SEO optimization, website design, Google Ads, and so much more. You can also work with a TMV Social consultant to help your business grow even faster.

Before you connect with a marketing consultant, it also helps to have a general concept of your marketing goals and plans. Some elements that you should add to your plan include:

Clearly defined goals and a thoughtful target audience for your business.

Social media profiles on the appropriate platforms and a professional website.

Feasible steps and goals for networking with other small business owners.

You’ll Definitely Need Boundaries

Working from home can truly work, even when you have little ones running around and demanding your attention. The trick is to position yourself in your home’s right area and lay ground rules for other household members. Setting physical and non-tangible boundaries can be crucial in protecting your focus and productivity.

If you have an extra room in your home, this could be the perfect spot for your new home workspace. All you need is a desk, a chair, and a few key pieces of tech and you’re ready to roll into your new role of mompreneur. Can’t spare a bedroom or even a closet? Try setting up your office facing a window or a wall to help with everyday distractions.

You Will Need a Healthy Dose of Inspiration

Having a plan, a formation service, marketing help, and firm boundaries can help SAHMs succeed as business owners. But what if you’re not even sure what sort of business to start? Maybe you just know that you want to start making extra cash but you’re not sure how?

If either of these conundrums applies to you, you don’t have to let them stop you from becoming your own boss. Honestly, there are endless possibilities when starting your own home-based business. If you have bankable skills like writing or design, you could become a freelancer. You can also earn income selling products online. Either can be simple to set up.

Going from supermom to CEO of your own successful small business doesn’t have to be confusing or overly complicated, but it does require hard work and dedication. You’ve already got that covered if you’re a SAHM. Combine those hard-earned skills and talents with the business tips above, and you will have the makings of a mompreneur in no time.

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