Today we are showing you how 7 Ethical Ways To Improve Your SEO. Organic search traffic is proof that people are always talking and searching for your brand or related keywords, and they hold the potential to convert into sales. Moreover, organic search traffic is free, meaning marketers don’t have to pay for pay per click adverts or run ad campaigns, and it is more valuable for RoI since users use search volume and search phrases to auto-generate it. Research has found that a lion share of links that users click on are organic and that more customers are interested in natural organic search results that are more dedicated to their needs. In fact, organic traffic helps eCommerce retailers to save tons of money in publicizing and marketing their products. However, this doesn’t happen without effort since they must adhere to the SEO code of ethics to boost organic search traffic. Here are a few ethical ways online marketers can improve their ranking on search engines.

Ramp up Security

A secure online store can not only convince the search engines to rank it higher up in the search results but also inspire confidence in the customer. For example, Google has recently announced the launch of HTTPS encryption as a search rank signal, which will give websites that are secured by HTTPS encryption preference over the unsecured ones. Furthermore, online shoppers are likely to repeat their visits to eCommerce stores that guard their private information uncompromisingly. Security improvement is an ethical practice that not only increases the potential of garnering more organic traffic but also ensures customer privacy.

Use of the Right Targeted Keywords

One thing with SEO is that online stores cannot use just one keyword and expect to earn a higher ranking on search engines. As such, e-retailers have to use several targeted keywords with high search volume to garner more organic search traffic. You also have to plan and research keywords to find the right target audience. Fortunately, Google provides online marketers with a free keyword researcher and planner, Google Ads, to assist in comprehensive keyword research.

Content Curation

One of the ethical ways online marketers use to improve their organic search traffic is to create eye-catching and original product content. Search engines such as Yahoo and Google often flags off any content plagiarized or copied from products that are already in use somewhere else. Product content can be a combination of imagery and text, and curating it can go a long way to attract more audiences. The better the product content is, the higher the chances of generating more organic traffic. Unleashing creativity is an ethical practice since it is an individual trait.

Enable Customer Ratings and Reviews

One of the secrets that YouTube uses to rank higher on search engines is to allow users to generate video content on their behalf. User-generated video content is the force behind the continued dominance of YouTube on the major search engines. Similarly, online marketers can use user ratings and reviews to usher in traffic to their sites. User ratings and reviews are original content created by website users, and they often contain targeted keywords. As such, the repetitive use of original content makes search engines such as Google and Yahoo take note of them and increase their ranking. In short, positive customer reviews and ratings help eCommerce stores to achieve the goal of boosting their rank on search engines ethically.

Optimization of Each Product Page

Once you have created targeted keywords, it is time to optimize each product page. Your chances of meeting much success using all the keyword in one product page to rank higher are slim. Instead, online retailers need to optimize each product page separately and optimize the Meta title, the header tags, website copy, image alt tags, and call to actions to gain more organic traffic. Nonetheless, e-retailers with stores with diverse product categories may face difficulties trying to optimize each product page separately to improve its ranking.

Use of an Optimized Permalink Structure

Most online stores often lose their points when it comes to setting up optimized breadcrumbs and permalink structures. Online marketers can use an optimized website permalink structure to depict the story of the entire page. For example, a permalink structure for an online retailer that deals with shoes can read this way, Permalink structures create a clear path for search engines and the bots to grasp what lies ahead on the web page. These breadcrumbs and links also allow users to navigate the web page with ease.

Mobile Responsiveness

A Cisco study found that online stores generate 80% of their traffic from mobile device users. Furthermore, 60% of online searches are done using mobile-powered devices. Mobile device search phrases are also relatively longer compared to desktop searches, and they are more user-directed, accurate, and have a higher conversion rate. Thus, being mobile responsive allow online retailers to maximize the population of their users and reach the target customer group of their keyword. Responsive designing is one of the ways e-retailers can make their web pages mobile-friendly.

In short, the generation of organic traffic for an online retailer is a never-ending process. Online marketers should make it a practice to alter headers and descriptions, keyword in the content, and review page ranking to sustain higher ranking. Nonetheless, the implementation of all this requires e-retailers to abide by the rules of the book. Ethical improvement of organic traffic is far much successful compared to unethical techniques.


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