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    Jun, 2015
    First Online Dollar Made

    I started out like a lot of marketers, selling other people's products. I sold investment products, books and courses. Totally online, business was good. We sold a good amount but the profit wasn't there to support a business.

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    Nov, 2015
    First Website Designed

    The wheels started turning and I realized we were selling everything through Facebook and it seemed easier for me than most people I met.

    Mom did say I could sell ice to an eskimo when I was younger... lol

    So I put up a website to sell the investment products and try to help other people sell their products too. It was not very well designed, but countless hours and months spent on this website gave me another idea...

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    Dec, 2015
    Foundation of the Company

    I was doing this while managing a 6 state sales territory for a Fortune 500 Company.

    After a big merger I moved my way up from shop worker to Regional Sales Manager in 3 years time. During a rough year in the ag market and I was laid off.

    It wasn't a total surprise so I was working day and night getting ready for the launch of TMV - Social Media Management!

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    Oct, 2016
    Growth & Learning Stage

    During my first year of business, I gained some good experience and also learned from some pretty bad mistakes.

    I disappointed customers and had trouble managing expectations of myself and of my customers.

    Digital Marketing isn't a fairy tale way to make a business successful overnight. But my younger less experienced self sought to save failing businesses. After one cinderella like client that we took from a troubled outlook to an efficient and profitable business. I thought all business just needed my golden midas touch. Which made me disappointed more clients than I ever wanted.

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    Nov, 2017
    Perfecting Our Offering

    Up until this point our main service was posting content for businesses and managing their social media channels. Busy entrepreneurs needed someone to respond to comments and messages so they could run their business.

    But content alone won't get sales unless you already have a hot audience. Most of our clients to this point had a warm audience that needed more of a push. 

    The answer? FB Ads, landing pages and lead generation. 

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    May, 2018
    Looking Forward to the Future

    This is where our story continues, TMV has grown into several different businesses directions. From the social media marketing to a website development agency. Lead generation, paid advertising, SEO and even a program that will design a website or landing page for you.

    We are excited for the future and big focus on lead generation and sales for our customers.

We Work for Your Profit

Our passion is truly for business and it takes money to be in business. Our future depends on your success, with that in mind we only provide services that grow your business.

Your Business Goals are Valuable

We know it takes passion to do what we do, business isn't for the faint of heart. We've helped people across the country gain their passion for business back.

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

Yes it is all talk until feet hit the street, right now all you see is words on a website. We hope to gain your trust and work on growing your dream so you can get back to living the dream.

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Cody Tucker
Cody Tucker

Managing Director

Jordan Samuelson
Jordan Samuelson

Creative Director

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Our Vision

Use ethical marketing practices to gain market share for our customers so their business can last the test of time.

Our Customers Say

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I’ve enjoyed working with Cody at TMV. My new website does everything I need it to do and is stable without any hiccups. Thanks for the terrific service!
Barbara Glatter
Barbara Glatter
Owner & Practitioner
Cody and The Mastermind Vision have an extremely detail-oriented support system in place for marketing services. Cody is one of the most innovative marketers I've worked with. I love bouncing my ideas past him and going to him for the most updated analytics information and marketing tools. I have been highly impressed by him and his business set-up.
Mariah Brunz
Mariah Brunz
Radiant Marketing
I just had the exquisite pleasure of meeting Cody on the phone. He establishes rapport extremely well if you are open to it. There was none of the smarmy, unprofessional conduct we as marketers often exhibit. I found him engaging, knowledgeable and open to suggestions prior to giving me advice. He brought incredible value to the call and no doubt under-promised. I enthusiastically recommend Cody being on your team. If you can get past your own fears of self-disclosure, you will find him extremely helpful. He demands premium prices because he delivers big time!
Victor Jenkins
Victor Jenkins
Crave the Spotlight

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