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Our Full Digital Marketing Strategy - EXPLAINED

We are a data driven marketing company that has a unique approach to local marketing. No matter what stage of business you are at, this approach will get results and bring your digital house in order.
A note from the founder:

A note from the founder:

Over the past 5 years in business, we have helped over 100 small businesses reach their marketing goals.

In early 2020, I set out to create the perfect local marketing plan. Using everything we know, from every phone call, ad and lead campaign.

It is honestly my masterpiece and here it is for you!

Cody W Tucker - Owner/Marketing Expert

But What Does a Full Service Marketing Agency Do?

Not every business can afford to staff a full marketing team and provide all the tools and softwares to make them successful. We are your marketing team, a local small business like you.

We are lead generation experts, if you do sales on the phone and walk-ins we are an excellent fit for you.

If you are interested, Fill out the form below to see exactly how you match up against your local competitors.

1. Call Tracking & Reporting

We found that roughly 80% of local businesses do 90% or more business through phone calls.

So it makes sense to start with what will get the most results. Local calls from people that want your services or products.

Real time call reporting dashboard.

Unlimited user access to unedited live data available 24/7.

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Never trust a marketing company again, know what's working from day one!

Our implementation team will have you set up in 48 hours.

2. Local SEO & Reputation Management

If you noticed, a huge majority of local calls come from Google Organic. This is because Google My Business (GMB) your free business listing from Google is very powerful.

This is a free service provided by Google, whenever you search with local intent google shows you this map section on top.

If you show up on the top 3 and have good sales signals, reviews, photos and post. People pick up the phone or ask for directions.

Local SEO & GMB Management

We take a very data driven approach to local SEO. At any given time our reports will show exactly why a competitor is out ranking you. We then make the needed changes to put you back on top.

GMB Map Explanation

This map shows a local grid around the business located in the center. The numbered bubbles show what position the business ranks for a keyword that gets them calls.

We are able to optimize the GMB listing to rank higher by adjusting your services, adding photos and getting reviews.

Nothing makes us happier watching these screens turn from Red to Green.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Now that we are doing PPC on Google ads we know exactly which keywords bring in the most sales and what it takes to rank consistently. So why not write content and optimize your site?

Search Engine Optimization That Actually Works!

Most SEO firms start with an organic first approach. We start with paid advertising because you can try a keyword and different messages to find out what sells.

This client gets over $20k in click value per month!!

SEO without the Run-around.

We've all heard the SEO horror stories. If you've ever hired an SEO expert and they didn't write 500-1500 word pieces of content on your site consistently... We can definitely help you.

5. Website Design or Website Redesign

If you have gotten past #2 without a website... We need to talk.

We Do More Than Web Design... WE UNICORN IT

You What? - You know that mythical creature that you hunt for but can never catch... We do that.

We are constantly watching how your site performs. Using visitor recordings we make sure your site is always doing it’s job.

Want a Website That Works?

People have been using the word POP for a long time in Web Design. We make websites that sell.

Our Customers Say

Mariah Brunz
TMV has an extremely detail-oriented support system in place for marketing services. Cody is one of the most innovative marketers I've worked with. I love bouncing my ideas past him and going to him for the most updated analytics information and marketing tools. I have been highly impressed by him and his business set-up.
Mariah Brunz
Radiant Marketing
Barbara Glatter
I’ve enjoyed working with Cody at TMV. My new website does everything I need it to do and is stable without any hiccups. Thanks for the terrific service!
Barbara Glatter
Owner & Practitioner
Victor Jenkins
I just had the exquisite pleasure of meeting Cody on the phone. He establishes rapport extremely well if you are open to it. There was none of the smarmy, unprofessional conduct we as marketers often exhibit. I found him engaging, knowledgeable and open to suggestions prior to giving me advice. He brought incredible value to the call and no doubt under-promised. I enthusiastically recommend Cody being on your team. If you can get past your own fears of self-disclosure, you will find him extremely helpful. He demands premium prices because he delivers big time!
Victor Jenkins
Crave the Spotlight

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This is why small business owners struggle with Digital Marketing. Not seeing the full picture!

Should you decide to work with us, This is the first step.

After one month we know exactly what to do to get you more calls and more sales.
Our implementation team handles the heavy lifting. All we need you to do is give us actionable data.