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    Cody Tucker

    One of my bigger projects, currently at

    I walk you through the biggest lessons learned and funny occurrences in making this monster.

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    Cody Tucker

    So it started out like this, I needed a quick and easy way to spin up really nice landing pages for clients. ClickFunnels was too much for me and hey, I like making websites. So before I would just make a fresh WordPress site and install my landing page builder, but it took at least an hour or two to have a finished site.

    So in came the idea of making my own builder.

    I’ll list the specs in later posts, something I didn’t expect is the load on the server that a multisite can cause.

    Even with as few as 50 sites, when the search engines crawl the servers start to go crazy.

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    Cody Tucker

    Really the hardest thing is getting people to sign up for the service, the techy stuff is easy. Marketing can be the hard part.

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