One of our main goals is simplifying data-driven marketing. So in 3mins or less here is How Does Facebook’s Pixel Work.

It’s easy for marketing professionals to get stuck thinking they aren’t developers and some things are just over their heads.

With this new series, we open up what’s really going on inside your website. Where the data comes from, what you should care about, and how you should be turning data into dollars.

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How Does Facebook’s Pixel Work FAQ

Does the FB Pixel Store Data?

No, The pixel itself doesn’t store any data, it just makes it easier to understand what is going on in your webpage. It does send data to a FB database.

Is there a reason to “Season a Pixel”

No, If you don’t get tons of traffic on a new site. You’re not going to get enough conversions organically to create a conversion audience.

Should I set up custom events?

Yes, if FB isn’t tracking a conversion that has value to your business. Track, track, track!

Starting out should I go broad or super targeted?

It’s best to run broad paid ads until you have a large enough customer list to create a custom audience based on real conversions.