The last episode of my life is an Internet marketer. I promised you a very personable topic, close, to my heart. And so I do not want to disappoint.

Here it is. I take a lot of pride in my ability to set these perfect goals. I call them now making goals as an entrepreneur is one of the hardest things to do. And so I have come up with a system that I used to score this. And if you haven’t listened to any of these episodes, you won’t know that I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to advertising and pretty much everything. I’m very analytical, and this is my approach to it. You’d be surprised. There are actually zero numbers in it, and it’s not a long list. So, um, I feel like I’m getting better at this, uh, whole talking thing.

Step or Final Goal?

A lot of people are probably saying What’s the difference? A goal to me should be the final destination, where a step is a needed action that leads you down the path so often we get hung up on what steps we needed to take that day and really miss the big picture. Thus, we get overwhelmed in the today and never finished what we originally set out for.

If you make a step your goal, it actually becomes harder the closer you get. Now, imagine your new business owner that wants to do better at social media. That would be your goal. You may set some rules that you need to follow to let you know that you’re doing well. I need to post daily. Maybe I need 1000 followers in the next three months, but those would really be a means to an end.

This is a common example, but the same could be said about a long time business owner trying to run a growing company. And it’s too busy dealing with all the everyday issues for me.

Something about the right goals gives energy to my bones and helps me see it to the end. The perfect goal helps me see the path it takes to get there and what steps I need to take along the way So if you would look at that example again off the new business owner, I wanted to do better on social. And you take the first, the first rule that you set up. I need to post daily. Some people are able to be super, super dedicated, and just do that well, there. Bam, You’re there.

You have met your goal, and the closer you get to be happy with it, the harder it gets to stay and do it over and over and over. Then you have one bad day that goes out the window. Or a week goes by and you don’t notice a difference. That’s why I say, it’s harder and harder, the longer and the closer you get achieving that in goal.

So if we would flip this goal around slightly and say, I want to get 10 appointments a week from the Facebook page, so that has a quantifiable goal. 10 appointments. It has the timeline a week, 10 appointments a week, and then you have the destination. So from your Facebook page, you need to be super targeted in the marketing that you do and all the posts that I make to push people to make in those appointments. So that’s one quick example over how we have to shift our minds so we don’t lose the big picture when we make these big goals.

Life is not a sprint

It is a marathon, and you know that that is the same way with business and anything worth doing. It takes time. So the big picture of this. Is that your doing continual things to get to your in goal. Now you can have multiple goals at the same time, but you have to keep them at the forefront of your mind so that you can work towards them and start to see results.

You don’t attain them right away, but it puts you in the position to get where you wanna be. I struggle more than anybody. When I wake up in the morning, I have no boss, I have customers that determine if I have a job or not. And so I have to prioritize all my time and provide these services that I provide. So it makes me put these goals to the side from time to time.

If I and working on something that isn’t a direct relation to a goal, I still have to keep those somewhere that once I’m I’m ready to go back and work on my own business. I can pick him up. I can figure out what I’m doing. And start again.

Now when I let this kind of lapse And I don’t think about a day to day I wake up in the morning, I do my day to day task and then I start to look for steps to get some immediate results. I don’t know why. I have no idea why I do that. I threw everything that I know to the wind, and I just start to look.

All the time I throw my long term perfect goals out the window and I start to look for the easiest quickest fix, you know? So I am learning in my, what small maturity I have in my life to slow down and look at this, Like its a marathon. Instead, I now find myself reaching to find out what I’m gonna work on next because I have so many projects, I slow myself down and ask. What really gets me where I want to be in that exact moment. And I find just as much fulfillment going and looking over my goals and refocusing and finding the right thing to do.

It may not always be what I actually wanted to do for the day, but it is what is needed. And the results are what matter, You know, you’re gonna have a good day. But there’s nothing that will make you prouder looking back over your day and say, and you know what? I moved in the right direction and I did not forget the big picture. Well, that’s that old saying, don’t miss the forest for the trees. We will all start to look at the trees sooner or later. Just stop and refocus. Don’t throw away your dreams to go work on the boring stuff. Give yourself the freedom to look at other goals from time to time. Step back and refocus, pull up the sleeves, and make it happen!

This is your love, This is your life So don’t let it become work Because this is what we love to do And don’t forget it.