After a good bit of time in the social media service business we get a lot of responses to our sales pitches. 

I stumbled across a video and just had to share this below, it’s perfect.

Some guys used to park in front of a billboard and write down how many cars drove by to figure out the reach. People used to fill out a scantron on what TV shows they watched before digital TV. In print advertising you buy space on page 32 in a 40-page magazine, it’s awesome if you can say see our ad in vogue. But can you tell me how many people saw it? Social Media and online advertising is the only way you can track things down to the individual. You can change and be fluid in what you do, what’s the ROI of social media is a hard question to answer, but what’s the ROI of your mom being a good parent. Done right a motherly role means everything for her kid, it can mean a lifetime of confidence and success. Like social media done right can lead to a massive increase in the lifetime value of a customer and can also lead to wonderful branding that this company cares in a fast world and you should care and buy from them. Paraphrased from Gary Vee?