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The client: an expert holistic healer with 25 years experience needed a professional site that would suit her needs and help grow her business. She came to TMV from a referral to fulfil.

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Design a website that takes appointments charges customers and sends reminders.


We used an appointment plugin that integrates with Google calendar so the client could block out time on her phone on a calendar she was already using and the website would reflect her as busy. We also did some work to connect the site to FB and a standard SEO plan.
48 - Aesthetics
23 - Functionality
17 - SEO
17 - Marketing


The site took a little longer than expected with new functionality coming out in the later stages of the project. But an interesting thing happened people were starting to buy and Slot time with a client before the site was even finished. Kind of encouraging when you are not done with the site and people start buying a product.
4.55% Search CTR
Sales from day 1
272% ROI

From The Client

I’ve enjoyed working with Cody at TMV. My new website does everything I need it to do and is stable without any hiccups. Thanks for the terrific service!
Barbara Thompson - Glatter
Owner and Practitioner

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