Harder Show Pig Site

The client: A family owned farm that needed a professional website to help sell show pigs and help reserve pigs for next year.



The client had a system to send information out to to their customers previously. They would combine a lot of pictures and information of the breeding stock on paper and send with mail to their customers.

Our challenge was to create a system that could automatically send out that information and then to not have to pay somebody to update the website every year.



We created a comprehensive back end to their website so they could go and create the flyer, print if necessary and automatically send to their customers emails with a push of a button.

The Result of Our Work

They did have a website previously, it was static non mobile optimized and didn’t have any SEO work done.

  • We did our simply SEO plan
  • Redesigned the site from the ground up
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Ready to advertise if needed
  • Tracking all keywords
10.53% CTR
20% less CPA
159% ROI

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