Why Facebook Ads Fail

We’ve all spent money on FB to get more traffic to our websites or to just get people in our doors for a great meal. The problem is most of us have created an ad and spent a lot of money just to only have people “like” the post and never buy anything. It can drive us crazy but you are not alone and we can fix this.

The main reason Facebook Ads fail is because the targeting for the ads are too broad. People try to create one ad or campaign that will cover the entire market group.

People are different.

They have different buying habits and will be motivated by different things. If you try to cover everyone in the same group the ad actually pushes people away because something feels wrong to the people it doesn’t match. They it interests them so they hit the “like” button but the ad doesn’t speak to the person in a way that makes them purchase your item or service.

Here is the solution

Create multiple ads for each market group, for each goal or objective you have and for each “hook” (or message/idea that pulls people in)

Use this list when creating ads.

  1. Market Research, Find out what is selling and what each group is buying. Build list of their interest and keep it handy to put them into your FB Ad Manager account.
  2. Choose and DEFINE your groups, say we want to sell sports branded coffee mugs, first think, who buys coffee mugs. 1st group = coffee drinkers, now think who buys sports goods, 2nd group = sports fans so on, so forth.

The nest Question is How Many Groups do You Need? 

To decide how many groups I look at my budget. At TMV – Social Media Management  after we define our campaign we start small so we can scale profitably. We run ads for 2 weeks at 1$ to 10$ a day for each group and hook we do one ad, so if we have 3 groups and 3 hooks that’s 9 ads or 126$ to 1,260$ per run.

This will show us which ads are actually converting at a rate high enough to scale up in advertising budget. We look for a 30% conversion to sign up as leads and then a 1% conversion to final purchase before we are ready to scale. That would equate to each ad 1$ per day apx. 500-1000 will see the ad a day 7,000-14,000 per 2 weeks. With 30% conversion to leads, 2,100 – 4,200 leads and then 21-42 final purchases. These are easy numbers to get to with proper optimization and time.

To Reiterate

  1. Pick your Hooks, hooks are the idea behind the ad copy that will pull people in to visit your offer.
  2. Write copy for Each Group and Hook, If the hook is about how quick it is to sign up, your copy will be how quick and profitable it is to sign up.
  3. Take everything to your FB ad manager and put it to work, Now you have to watch what is working but let things be! Watch and only Watch for the two weeks

The Power in doing it this way allows you to perfectly match from start to finish what each group of potential buyers needs to see to click-through the ad and move through the conversion process.

Now you have a small plan of action in how to roll out any product or service, the key is keeping your groups of buyers in mind through the entire process.

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