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Digital Marketing for Roofing Contractors – SEO & Website Design in Kearney

In the early days of the world wide web, having a good web presence meant that you must have a good web site full of rich content, and a good internet address that goes with it. It’s a generally accepted practice to publicize your Internet address to the world – well, at least to as much of it that you could cover. Your Internet address technically referred to as the URL of your website becomes your key in making your site successful. The more Internet users that know of your website’s URL, the more people will visit it.

But that was before the Internet boomed, before its user base multiplied by millions, and before almost everyone else built web sites of their own, competing with your own in attracting users and readers. That was before modern search engines came to be, way before Google became a household verb, and changed the Internet in big ways. Now in the modern age of the internet, where the search is the second most popular activity in the net, having a bumper sticker of your web site’s URL is no longer as cool or as effective as it used to be. You must now rely on one of the major pillars of a successful web site design – search engine optimization.