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Web Design Sets the Pace for All of Your Marketing Efforts

Website Design

Website Design and Optimization

We’re marketers and we understand how to build a website to not just “look nice" but create action!

So if you have a business website or are considering reaching out to a local web design agency. Listen up because we are throwing the doors open on the web design and optimization world!

This guide to show you how to market your website and grow your business.

What to Know When Designing a Business Website.

Like all good things you must start with a plan… Decide on an objective on what you consider optimized.

Whether the goal is to increase sales, leads or more engagement. The plan remains the same.

  • Start with a great domain name. Since google doesn’t care about keywords in the domain anymore, you’re better off creating a unique, short name that represents your business. Stick with .com for now until the newer TLD’s start to catch on (.io, .construction, .co, etc).
  • Find a Webhost. A hosting company stores your web files on a web server so people can reach your site with the address. A good host can make all the difference. Site speed, support and uptime should be be deciding factors.
  • Plan out your web content. A website is like a story. You wouldn’t read a book for very long that was out of order. (Oh! he found the princess, now she’s lost again!) well that does sound cool actually…
  • Make a Logo. People love logos rather you as a business owner care or not. A good logo lends power and respectability to your business.
  • Design the Website. Now you have all that figured out. now you’re ready to put it all into place. Find a good Content Management Software, or a designer to put your dreams on screens!
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Website Optimization and Marketing Tools.

Website Design and Website Optimization Goals to Keep in Mind.
Keyword Research
There's no better tool out there than Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Simply put in your industry and either your website or a competitor's website to find the best keywords to rank for in your niche.
Conversion Optimization
Conversion Optimization is the gift that keeps on giving. In my opinion there are two schools of thought you should consider. One adding features and two making things more simple and easier for your customers. Neither are wrong and it does take both.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO has a simple side that any website owner can do. Have a good structure.
Competitive Analysis
We use SEMRUSH, there is a free version of this too that can be very powerful. Check them out!
User Experience Optimization
Hotjar is a great tool that lets you see how people interact with your website. It actually records mouse movement and shows you a video of what users are doing on your site.
Content Marketing Plan
So you've got your website setup now, A blog even if you know the power of SEO. But how are we going to get people into your shop?
Revenue Optimization
If you have sales now you will eventually need to optimize your products to make sure you are selling your most profitable items.

How To Optimize Your Website Step-By-Step.

Like all good things you must start with a plan… Decide on an objective on what you consider optimized.

Whether the goal is to increase sales, leads or more engagement. The plan remains the same.

  • Start with your best guesses. After identifying the top-level goal to improve, you should identify underperforming points on a web page and begins to formulate a hypothesis for how these elements could be tested to improve conversion rates.
  • Create a list of variables that your experiment will test. Changes can be created in variations and run as experiments in an A/B split testing tool.
  • Run the experiment. Make sure when you’re running the experiment that you gather enough data to make your conclusions statistically significant. You don’t want to base your business decisions on inconclusive data sets.
  • Measure the results, draw conclusions and then iterate. The results of an experiment will show whether or not the changes to the website element produced an improvement. A winning variation can become the new baseline, and tested iteratively as more ideas for improvement are generated. A losing test is still a valuable learning opportunity, and can provide direction on what to try next in the optimization process.
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Skills Necessary?

We hope telling you how to do it yourself will make you like us. So yeah, the rest of the page is about that!

Content marketing strategy 37%
General SEO Knowledge 44%
Mobile Responsive Design 62%
Coding or CMS Skills 90%


I've tried the basic options you mentioned on the Local SEO page but can't seem to get to the first page on Google.
I am not getting any sales or calls from Local Search, any advice?
I was on the first page now I am getting push down by other listings, what can I do?


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Cody and The Mastermind Vision have an extremely detail-oriented support system in place for marketing services. Cody is one of the most innovative marketers I've worked with. I love bouncing my ideas past him and going to him for the most updated analytics information and marketing tools. I have been highly impressed by him and his business set-up.
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I just had the exquisite pleasure of meeting Cody on the phone. He establishes rapport extremely well if you are open to it. There was none of the smarmy, unprofessional conduct we as marketers often exhibit. I found him engaging, knowledgeable and open to suggestions prior to giving me advice. He brought incredible value to the call and no doubt under-promised. I enthusiastically recommend Cody being on your team. If you can get past your own fears of self-disclosure, you will find him extremely helpful. He demands premium prices because he delivers big time!
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What is the process?

For most simple sites we can have finished in 5-14 working days. We do also design very customized sites that have increased functionality to meet specific needs.

Here’s what our web design process entails…

  • We have a discussion on your marketing goals to set up tools needed in the future.
  • We ask what your preferences are for the ascetics of the new site.
  • Work up a template for your review in 1-2 days.
  • Review your changes and if needed work up a new model.
  • Install final copy on your domain. Push site to live to the world.

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