Frequently Asked Questions

10 FAQs

  • What do your websites cost?

    The short answer: Our prices depend on so many factors, it’s impossible to say in one sentence. Avoid any web developer who can answer this question without a long talk.

    The long answer: To get a better idea of the cost of what you want to build, give us a quick phone call. We’ll ask you a few questions about the nature of the site, what sort of interactivity the site will have, your graphic design needs, etc. Then we’ll be able to give you a ballpark figure. If you’re still interested, we’ll come to your place of business and come up with a firm quote.

    If you talk to a web developer who gives you an instant quote, run away! Imagine telling someone you want a car and having them immediately giving you a price for that car. Any fair and honest car salesperson would want to know the make, model and engine type of the car you’re looking to purchase, right? The same goes for building web sites. Depending on the features you want for your web site, the cost can be anywhere from a few thousand dollars to a few million.

  • Will I have a say in the graphic design process?

    Absolutely. Our goal is to please you. We can’t do that without your input. If there are other sites with a design style that you would like to emulate, we can do that. If you have a logo or brand collateral that you’d like us to work around, that’s no problem. We’ll be sure your new site will be a consistent and integral part of your overall brand.

  • Will you reply to my customers and react to comments?

    Besides the core of our solution, fresh daily content, we also provide tons of additional features to ensure your company's success on social media.
    Commenting, sharing, liking, and messaging are huge elements of social media that drive big results.
    However, these big results do take a big investment of time, effort, and expertise.
    Therefore, to still be able to facilitate these actions, we combined them into a feature called customer engagement which is a part of our Ultimate Plan.
    Remember, this plan also includes influencer outreach, social listening, facebook accelerator, and everything from the Business and Economy plans. It is definitely a steal when it comes to how much actual value you are getting!
  • How will you know what to post for my company?

    We have been doing social media marketing for quite some time and completely understand that the content we post must accurately represent your brand. Naturally, this is a concern for many companies.
    However, when working with us, the content will never be a problem. Our team of social media experts takes numerous essential steps prior to posting anything on your company's social media profiles.
    These steps include:
    • Researching your industry and modeling after the best of the best.
    • Identifying what competitors are doing well versus where they are failing.
    • Defining your target audience and creating an outline of the customers we want to attract.
    • Drafting a strategic plan based on these findings.
    • and many more steps!
    Therefore, before we post anything from your social media profiles, we will already have a perfect understanding of what your audience wants to see, where we can reach them, and what other companies in your industry are doing to reach them.
  • Can I still make my own posts?

    We always encourage the involvement of business owners as much as possible. You know your company better than anyone else, so if you want to make a specific announcement or post anything else for that matter, it is still your company and your profile!
    Therefore, you can be involved as much as you would like!
    The most common types of posts that are made by the company owner and not our team usually involve last minute announcements or something very specific pertaining to an event or sale.
  • What if I have a specific post to promote an event or sale?

    Whenever you want to promote a special event, sale, or anything else for that matter, you have many different ways to go about doing this.
    Naturally, the easiest solution would be to post it yourself. While we do manage your social media, we highly encourage you to feel free to post these promotions and any special posts. After all, who knows your business better than yourself?
    However, if you do not wish to do this yourself or want the post to fit within our content strategy, you can simply reach out to us! One great option to do this is to open a ticket at our support desk.
    If you are having trouble with our support desk, you can always send us an e-mail at [email protected] Or give us a call at 903-456-5619
  • What is social listening and influencer outreach?

    We always pride ourselves as being among the most innovative social media marketing agencies around. This pride comes from the fact that we are always creating new solutions to help businesses grow using social media.
    A great example of these innovative solutions is our very own social listening and influencer outreach features. Both of these amazing features are included in our Ultimate Plan.
    Social listening refers to a collection of social media actions centered around receiving, processing, and translating customer feedback.
    Perhaps you own a pizza shop and just added a new slice to your menu. Unfortunately, there is a lot of negative comments about the slice on Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and other platforms. Your dedicated social media manager would notice these patterns and propose an actionable solution for you - remove the slice from the menu.
    On the other hand, social listening also works towards understanding when and why customers are happy. Seeing what content your customers engage with the most and how they react can provide great insight for your business.
    Influencer outreach, while equally powerful, has quite a different purpose than social listening. The process involved in influencer outreach is about finding popular individuals who have a big voice on social media, then reaching out to them about shoutouts, media features, reposts, tags, and more.
    Since influencer outreach is quite a complex and intricate process, we normally aim to reach 1 to 2 influencers per month. Once the introductions have been made, if the influencer shows interest, we hand off the conversation to you and allow you to make the final decision.
    What you are ultimately getting is a potential monthly lead or two for mass media opportunities. Shall you take advantage of this and follow up with the lead, you could end up having your content or social profiles go viral and exponentially boost your success with online marketing.
  • Who will be working on my company's social media accounts?

    Our highly experienced and creative team continues to drive social media marketing success for our clients all across the board. We treat every client with equal respect and dedication, so only the best will be working on your company's social media accounts.
    When you work with us, your business is in good hands, and here's why:
    • We are an award winning team & agency.
    • We provide results-driven solutions, not the other way around.
    • We understand engaging content and know what works.
    • We are an 100% American Company.
    Therefore, regardless of the scale of your company, there will always be a team of social media experts working around the clock to grow your social media presence.
  • Are the followers real people? What about fake accounts?

    The bottom line is that we are using social media to drive qualified leads which will turn into paying customers for your business. Social media, like anything else, is just a tool that we utilize to send customers your way.
    Having said that, there is no reason why we would ever engage fake accounts or any misconduct of that sort. Only real people, who are likely to buy something from you, are worth pursuing.
    All of our services are legit and based around organically growing your social media presence to the audience you are interested in. If you are a local business and target just your county, that is exactly who we will be targeting.
    Naturally, there is a ton of spam and junk on social media - it is still the internet.
    However, we are exceptional at targeting only real people who are likely to buy something from your business and we have been doing it successfully for so long.
  • Is there a contract? How long is it for?

    There is nothing we are more sure of than our quality. Subsequently, we choose to rely on our quality in keeping you coming back for more. The way we see it, if we can deliver you true value, there is no reason why you wouldn't want to continue working with us.
    Therefore, the answer is no. There are no contracts and no commitments. All the work we do is on a month-to-month basis.
    What does this mean for you?
    • You aren't trapped paying for something you don't want.
    • If you are unhappy, you do not continue for another month.
    • We work hard to keep you satisfied!