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Social Media Marketing
& Online Advertising

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2018 Small Business Marketing Perfected...
Facebook Posts Created
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Happy Customers

Personalized Service and Dedicated Account Managers

You'll have unlimited access to your very own account manager that will take the time to learn and understand your business before ever giving advice.

Growing Selection of Digital Services to Help Growing Businesses

From Email Marketing to Facebook Advertising,
we can do it all.

Get Sales from Social Media

We take pride in optimizing ad campaigns as well as helping businesses have the biggest impact on customers.

Knowledgeable and Growing Staff

TMV - Social Media Management itself is a growing company committed to transparency in what has worked for us so that you know anything we offer is tried and true.

Transparency as a Business Model

Our company puts the highest value in personal relationships, being a goto for any marketing questions big and small alike
We Enjoy Helping Businesses Grow and Succeed!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Best of all, No long term contracts! Cancel anytime
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"I Know I Need to Use Social Media...
But How am I Going to Find The Time?"
pssst! That's Where We Come in!
**How many times has this happened?

You go onto a local business's Facebook page to learn more about them,
and there's NOTHING THERE??
Our Customers Pride themselves in doing all the necessary groundwork in creating a business that will last.
We pride ourselves in knowing we help businesses build a lasting presence of digital assets.
What We Do?
We post relevant content to your business pages on Social Media.

Facebook Posting!

You Get!
More Comments
More Likes
More Reach
More Brand Awareness

Twitter Tweeting!

You Get!
More Visible on Twitter
More Referrals from Twitter
More Views on New Products
More Connected with Followers

Google+ Plus-ing

crc Google Plus Post
You Get!
More Visible on Google+
More Credible on Google Search
More Likely to Rank on Google Search
More Sales in Google Sphere
What Could You Do With More Eyeballs?
Facebook Reach:
Assuming ~200 "likes" page
1) You go with us today and trust our proven track record as a social media marketing firm of going on 2 years
This is represented by the blue line

2) You decide to do it on your own, because this CAN be done by anyone.
This is represented by the purple line
There's two things that get in the way of "On Your Own"

It either takes a lot of man hours or some really expensive social media marketing tools to do this well,
even with the tools we have it still takes man hours and a person to use them.

Second, business owners have people constantly vying for their time,
and such, your time is so much more valuable to the bottom line by doubling down on your strengths.
We Know Social.

We Would Be Honored to Represent Your Business.
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Growth is Just a Few Clicks Away

We understand that you don't want to jump into this without doing the proper research
which is why we will never push you into making a hasty decision to make a sale.
Click Below to set up priority time to discuss your business's social media goals.
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