Let me show how we do Local Marketing in Nebraska with Local SEO Audits.

Do you know where people find your business?

About 90% of businesses tell me no.

This is a new service that we rolled out on Jan 1. As of March 26th, we’ve sent 522 new business calls to our 2 early adopters.

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What is Local Marketing?

Let me show you. This example is from my favorite coffee shop. Kitt’s Kitchen and Coffee in Kearney, Nebraska. 

Screenshot 67
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*Disclaimer: This is public knowledge and not integral to the success of their business so don’t kill me. Also, I choose not to work with restaurants because this doesn’t help them as much as a transmission shop or carpet cleaners, etc.

Local Marketing SEO Grid

You get a grid like the one above. Let’s call it a “local search audit” It just shows you where you rank in different areas.

How You Can Use Your Local SEO Grid

In the example above you can see that North West Kearney isn’t seeing Kitt’s in the top 3. It’s more like an average of 14.

Google isn’t sure Kitt’s really services that area. If you’re not sure. The red box shows roughly where they are located.
The normal way Google would get the message that people in North West Kearney likes Kitts. They go home and post pictures of the fun time they had. Or they post reviews & answer questions.

So, you can ask all your people where they live and for the people in NW Kearney you can pester them to post pictures and reviews… OR you can do it the easy way.

GEO Targeted Image for Local SEO

Pictures are created with “Exif data” this tells other software among other things what the GPS coordinates of where that photo was taken. Now if you would change this Exif data to the area google is unsure about upload that photo to your GMB page, Google will get the message a little quicker.
(This means more customers and more sales for you.)

Just one idea, (can’t give away all of my secrets 😉

What we do for businesses like you.

We manage your local SEO efforts through managing your GMB listing with Google.

SEO takes a ridiculous amount of dedication and a state of continuous learning. We are the team that makes your website finally get you sales and leads. 

If you want to know more about us, Check this out | (It’s our about page) Talk soon friend!